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Front Elevation - color renderingPennaGroup specializes in design/build construction. Design/build is a "turn-key" construction project delivery system where we act as both the designer and builder. That means less worry for you, and a faster completion of the project!

Our design/build professional services include:

  • In-House Architect/Engineering Services
  • In-House Interior Design Services
  • In-House Construction Services
  • Fast Track Construction Capabilities

The PennaGroup design/build system is used to minimize the project risk for the owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase with the construction phase of a project.

This means construction can begin while the building is still being designed!

Overview of the Process

At PennaGroup, we take the traditional "Master Builder" approach to design/build. A master builder is an individual or company who was responsible for both the design and the construction of a project - "one project, one man."

PennaGroup's design/build system is a return to some of the fundamentals of this approach. From inception to completion, we are the master builder who takes all responsibility for your project. No middle man, no delays...just performance!

Design-build focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional design/build environment. Although this does not shorten the time it takes to complete the individual tasks - i.e., creating construction documents, working drawings and specifications, acquiring building and other permits, or actually constructing the building - the design-build process brings together design and construction in a collaborative environment to complete these tasks in an overlapping fashion.

The best part for you - all of our design and construction professionals are under one roof!

Enhanced Communication

Because the design parameters of a project are being developed along with the budgetary goals - construction methodologies and budget conditions being weighed simultaneously - a project is more likely to be realized than with a pure design approach.

The owner has greater access to the project "team" as the project is being developed. This efficiency is not a negative "short cut," but rather the keystone to the success of the design/build model.

Greater Accountability

Rather than compartmentalize the responsibility found in the classic design-bid-construct model, the design/build system provides an integrated entity to the owner or client.

This moves the project away from the "finger-pointing" often commonplace in contemporary construction projects, and allows the owner to communicate with one entity regarding any questions or concerns. The client's risk exposure is greatly reduced since one firm handles all project matters.

Single Source Turn-Key Construction

Instead of having several contractors, design consultants, engineers and architects, an owner need only deal with one entity. Design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing can all be routed through the design/build firm. This single point of contact allows a greater degree of flexibility and faster response time for the owner and the design/build firm. At PennaGroup, we pride ourselves on our fast response to requests for redesigns and/or change orders. Because all design and engineering is done in-house, we normally turn around re-designs and/or design changes within 24 to 48 hours - from concept to black line renderings!

Immediate, Value-Based Project Feedback at the Design Level

In order for a contractor to properly bid, then perform a project, the architect and engineer must give the general contractor very specific details relating to the methods and materials in order to avoid any ambiguity, and therefore ensure the success of the project. Any mistake in communication among the architect, engineer and the general contractor can be disastrous in terms of delays, costs and safety.

In a design/build context, the owner and the design-builder work together in a more collaborative fashion to determine what methods and materials will maximize the owner's values and goals. In instances where marginally more expensive materials, designs, or construction methods might yield a higher return on investment for the owner than those of lower cost, the owner is free to adjust the project's program without having to re-bid the entire project.

At PennaGroup, we have the in-house personnel and company infrastructure necessary to successfully perform your design/build project!

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