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This U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District project included the excavation of 540,000 cubic yards of overbank materials along the north side and south side of the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. Soils were excavated to provide Valley Storage in support of the Fort Worth Central City Project, and were stockpiled on two disposal sites immediately north of the excavated area, and another stockpile area on the south side of the Trinity. The project also included construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete headwalls/spillway, construction of a pre-cast reinforced concrete box, lake drain culverts, vaults, and appurtenances, construction of sewer structures, piping, end-sections and concrete-lined ditch, 6" perforated drain pipe, demo existing structures, construction of gravel trails, construction of concrete biking trails, construction of permanent fencing, and seed sloped areas with erosion control blankets, other erosion control, and the remediation of hazardous waste.

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